Personal Passion Formula Interview

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The Law Of Attraction

I have finally created an official page for The Law Of Attraction on FaceBook. After thousands of downloads of the book + MP3: The Secret Law Of … [Read more...]

Mindset Mastery 36 – The Human Perspective

Too often, we are unable to change our lives because we cannot see beyond our own circumstances. This is precisely the closed-minded ignorance that … [Read more...]

Mindset Mastery 30 – The Lessons Of Darby

Darby stands as illustration to both failure in the face of temporary defeat and success in the face of persistence. In the end, we are able to look … [Read more...]

Mindset Mastery 23 – Learning From Past Failure

Napoleon Hill doesn't tell us much about the fate of the Uncle, but he does continue the story of R.U. Darby and his ultimate success. How did this … [Read more...]

Mindset Mastery 21 – Decision Time

Picking up where we left off with Darby and his Uncle, let's see what happens next. "The first car of ore was mined and shipped to a smelter. The … [Read more...]

Mindset Mastery 19 – Proof Of The Power Of Thought

This next passage needs little commentary from me; Napoleon Hill concludes Barnes' story with a summation of the power of Barnes' definite thought and … [Read more...]

Mindset Mastery 18 – Will You Recognize Opportunity When You See It?

Once you have decided on your definite purpose, you should have a good idea of what form of wealth creation you will be undertaking; but sometimes … [Read more...]

Mindset Mastery 10 – What Is Education, Anyway?

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