Masters Of Conversion

Alexi Neocleous and Pete Godfrey are the Masters of Conversion. September 6 Update: The Masters Of Conversion Conference is here. It's not every day … [Read more...]

Don’t Be A Sad Sack

I used this expression on the latest 2 webinars and have received a bit of feedback on it: Don't Be A Sad Sack! Buster (in the picture) is a great … [Read more...]

Internet Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

It's time again for the Internet Entrepreneurs Bootcamp. The June 2011 session is totally booked out and is due to start this weekend, 4th and 5th … [Read more...]

Making Money Online – Is Common Sense!

This is not science; it is a fact: Making Money Online - Is Common Sense! On Friday afternoon, I offered 100 Free Lifetime Bronze Memberships into … [Read more...]

100 Free Lifetime Bronze Memberships

As I am launching a new membership site about internet marketing NEXT WEEK, I will be giving away Free Bronze Memberships to 100 lucky people. The … [Read more...]

Learn And Earn. $20,000 In Cash And Prizes

In April I gave away $1,000 to the winner of the Fistful Of Dollars competition. I promised a bigger and even better competition - and it is about to … [Read more...]

Year Of The Blogger

Year Of The Blogger is now officially released. It is my latest book and to introduce it, I ran a webinar online a few days ago titled: Learn How To … [Read more...]


Better - by James Southwell Band. This will be the signature song and the video for my new Internet Marketing Forum (video below) and business: … [Read more...]


I have left Geekversity by my own choice in June 2009. Therefore the original article has been removed from this page. If you want free Affiliate … [Read more...]