Where Do The Children Play?

Today is the birthday of Cat Stevens. He turns 63 and is one of the major influences of my taste in music. He has had such a diverse life. Having a … [Read more...]

The Success Communicator

Today is my birthday. It's early in the morning and I will be catching a plane back to Perth from Brisbane in a few hours. While I'm waiting to go to … [Read more...]

The 10 First Australian Prime Ministers

January 26: Australia Day. Today is a day to be proud of our country and the people that put in a lot of work and effort for our rights and … [Read more...]

The Most Compelling Blockbuster

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Change Your Life in Five Minutes

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Be Your Own Best Friend

Recently, someone told me my body temporarily broke down because I was giving to much to others and not having enough time to myself. It stopped me … [Read more...]

Are You Ready For Change?

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The Art of Communication

Where on earth did I get the term Success Communicator from? Well, It actually has to do with the one thing that differentiates us humans from the … [Read more...]

Do You Really Want What You Want?

In my own life, I have had plenty of advice. Much of it has been good. It wasn't however until I made a conscious effort to be 100% in charge of my … [Read more...]