The Melbourne Cup Winner

It is time to reveal the Melbourne Cup Winner. It's a bit of an annual tradition and a shameless plug on this blog to give this day a mention. And … [Read more...]

1 Hour Blog Challenge Feedback + Competition

The 1 Hour Blog Challenge´╗┐ - Take 2 - is officially complete. Please leave your feedback below in a comment. If you are up for the competition, and … [Read more...]

1 Hour Blog Challenge – Take 2

Over 300 people got locked out of the The 1 Hour Blog Challenge because it was filled to the brim. Total overload... So now I am going to do ONE MORE … [Read more...]

The 1 Hour Blog Challenge

My 13 year old son is about to make serious money online. Let me show you how in The 1 Hour Blog Challenge! I will show you in a live session how … [Read more...]

Learn How To Blog for Christmas

Here is last night's webinar: Learn How To Blog. There have been many requests on the Facebook Page for a video recording and stacks of emails. So … [Read more...]

Your Real Life Treasure Map

In the Fistful Of Dollars competition, the sitemap is your Real Life Treasure Map. I have made a video to assist you on two topics: How to locate … [Read more...]

How To Subscribe To Comments

Since the Fistful of Dollars commenting competition started, I have had a few "How To" questions. I have addressed one already via video and will keep … [Read more...]