Happy New Year From AussieWood

As I write this, it's 6pm on New Years Eve. Only a few hours away from the big fireworks. In true AussieWood fashion, I have prefilmed a New Years … [Read more...]

Inspire With Your Gratitude

It's not often a 9 minute video will grab my attention. I'm not much for wasting time dithering online but this video about Clay Dyer put a tear or … [Read more...]

Success Loves Wealth

I heard this story told by Dr John Demartini. It has a strong message and I found great motivation in it. Three old wise men walked up to a house and … [Read more...]

Make Your Life an Adventure

In this crazy thing we call a life, there are a number of things we feel we should do: get married, have children, buy a house, buy a car, be nice to … [Read more...]

Celebrate Now Instead of Later

A woman once decided to buy a lottery ticket with the last $1 that she had in her purse. And instead of simply going up to the machine, putting in … [Read more...]

Gratitude For The Malolo Island Bula Band On YouTube

In January 2008, Fiji-time was ingrained into my lifestyle for 2 weeks. My wife and 2 sons came with me to Fiji for the 3rd time since late 2004. That … [Read more...]

The Art of Communication

Where on earth did I get the term Success Communicator from? Well, It actually has to do with the one thing that differentiates us humans from the … [Read more...]

Do You Really Want What You Want?

In my own life, I have had plenty of advice. Much of it has been good. It wasn't however until I made a conscious effort to be 100% in charge of my … [Read more...]

What Is Lifestyle?

I have just spent 3 days with a friend who calls himself a Lifestyle Trader on the stock market. This concept is good and I like the idea of trading … [Read more...]