Bruce Springsteen Australian Tour 2014

Bruce Springsteen did his first ever show in Perth, Western Australia, on 5th February 2014. It was worth the wait. Every seat in the house was … [Read more...]

My Mayan Calendar Christmas Wishlist

Time officially ended on 21-12-2012 according to the Mayan Calendar. So now is a good time to make some radical wishes for Christmas. Time has never … [Read more...]

When IT First Decended Upon Earth

I always wondered what IT people did before computers. Clearly they didn't just appear out of nowhere! The mystery has now been solved. This is what … [Read more...]

Teach Your Dog Table Manners!

Outside a Dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a Dog, it's too dark to read ~ Groucho Marx. This a a great example of how your dog should … [Read more...]

Politically Incorrect Social Media

OK. I'm going to start out with Disclaimer #1. As people can take offense easily, here it is: " I do not agree with any views in the below videos. … [Read more...]

Julian Assange New Media Martyr

Freedom of the press and internet activist, Julian Assange is the New Media Martyr. I have believed that New Media (Social Media) will overthrow … [Read more...]

Chuck Norris vs Clint Eastwood

Imagine this showdown: Chuck Norris vs Clint Eastwood. Who would win? They are both seemingly undefeatable. Although Clint Eastwood's character gets … [Read more...]