Copenhagen Climate Change Summit

The Copenhagen Climate Change Summit is underway in Denmark with world leaders and delegates debating the future of the worlds climate. The topic of … [Read more...]


It's 9th September 2009. 090909. What was going to happen today? I forget, but I'm sure there was some major conspiracy or ending of the world … [Read more...]

The $750 Billion Global Meltdown

The $750 Billion Bailout... This is not my usual blogpost. If you decide to skip this post, at least watch the video below, of the girl speaking at … [Read more...]

The Puppeteers Of Morons

In last weeks olympic post: 080808 Compete Don't Cheat, I mentioned cheating and freedom of speech. When I followed up with the article about The … [Read more...]

When A Nation Cries

Tonight I watched a CNN video of a woman dying in a hospital while 2 security guards casually watched on and a nurse went up to the lady and kicked … [Read more...]