Better – by James Southwell Band. This will be the signature song and the video for my new Internet Marketing Forum (video below) and business: WebVision2020. The forum isn’t officially opening to the public yet but that doesn’t stop me from showing you our work in progress, right? The forum is closed for intake with 200 members giving it a good road test at the moment. There are already 3000 posts in the forum and the video library is growing fast with close to 50 Internet Marketing video tutorials already.

Better – by The James Southwell Band is a proud sponsor of The James Southwell Band. It was hardly a difficult choice to use James Southwell’s song “Better” as a theme song for launching the Internet Marketing Forum. Check out the below video, crank up the volume and let me know what you think.

YouTube Preview Image

I have deliberately chosen a tune that isn’t commercially well known, but I believe it deserves to be. There is no attachment to it and this song really grows on you. James Southwell does a great job on guitar and vocals, Lachlan Doley (Powderfinger) sounds great on keys, and overall I love this song: Better.

The Forum Launch

I sincerely enjoy the involvement in establishing Australian Internet Marketing firmly on the world map. I especially enjoy injecting a massive dose of ethics and integrity into it. As you probably know, I’m certainly not one to sell grandma on eBay ;). You will get plenty of feedback from the 200 current members of the YOTA Forum (Year Of The Affiliate) in due time. Meanwhile, it is closed for intake and I will let you know when it opens up for the big launch.

Give Me Your Feedback

Please comment below this blog with feedback on this video by WebVison2020 and song by The James Southwell Band .

I’d also love for you to leave a comment and rate this video on YouTube. (click the stars below the video on YouTube)

I definitely believe this song is Better! What do you think?

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  1. Chris Bellesini says:

    Love the video Sean how it shows you living the dream and how you include your sons on the journey. I get so much value from your Blogs. Definitely going to jump on YouTube and give it 5 stars 🙂

  2. This is a great video Sean with a great message. Well the song, I’ve heard Better….. and it is a really nice song, watched the video a few times just so I could listen to it again 🙂

  3. The tune “Better” goes hand in hand with what you are about Sean, making things better for others and the world. The world is already a better place for having you and I could not think of a more ethical person to develop the internet world further here in Australia. Congratulations Sean, I salute you.

    Allen Sentance

  4. Very nice video Sean, also great choice of song. Really looking forward to the launch!!

  5. Great video and I enjoyed the scenery with the pleasant music. It very inspiring to see how you enjoy spending time with your boys. It is easy to see you are living your dreams. 5*

  6. Love your video Sean…the music is really fitting. Inspirational, inspiring and is great to see your boys included. You are an inspiration and your boys should be very proud.
    Thanks for your amazing work.

  7. Ricsudukai says:

    Nice soundtrack, nothing radical just good. Have read a lot of the emails sent to me – awaiting with great interest the next step.

  8. Love the video and the song Sean. It only gets “Better” from here 😉
    Bookmarked and shared with my friends ’cause I know you wouldn’t sell your Grandma on ebay!

  9. Hi Sean,
    This shows the wealth in your life and I don’t mean just money as we know that wealth encompasses so much more.

    There is so much in such simple words as ‘just do it’. Just yesterday I was putting away some paperwork and I came across a list of things I had wanted to get done around the home. This list had been mis-placed so I had not looked at it since writing it about 6 months ago. When I read the list again, I was amazed to see that everything on that list had been accomplished. [Name Withheld] says to write everything down that you want to happen. This is a small example of that. I look forward to reviewing my grand dream goals at the end of this year given that I am taking action.
    I AM making 2009 my year. I’m on that path and I am taking action where it would seem action is too hard to fit in. 🙂 I now have a mentor (I put it out can I get a mentor for free?) and 4 months later he appeared and I feel truly blessed to be creating a better life for myself. Life is an amazing journey and I can see you are certainly taking it Sean. Congratulations on providing continued inspiration and showing people that you can achieve what you want in life.

  10. That song really puts me in the successful mood,great post keep up the fantastic work Sean.

  11. I really enjoyed the video and I loved the song, it was a very good choice and gets the message across clearly.

  12. Hi Sean,

    Great video, truly inspirational. I can’t wait for the day when I can experience the world with my 5 children! It looks like it won’t be too far away. With your help and guidance I’m sure it’s with in reach.

    Thank you for sharing what you have learned the hard way to pave the way for people like me.
    Kind regards,

  13. Nice one Sean. Enjoyed watching it.

  14. Great video Sean. Music really good too.

  15. So that’s what the song is called… I’ve heard it so many times from watching that video, but never knew the tune or artist. Love the family shots and the cool quotes.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..What life is about =-.

  16. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    I love the song, ‘Better’ and the video is fantastic. I really love the clips you used making the video because it’s like a quick look at what lies in store for those of us willing to put in the effort.

    The song and the video are perfect for you and the forum.

  17. Hi Sean, great Video 🙂
    And I can only confirm that you inject your high level of ethics and integrity into the YOTA forum and you make sure we all follow a very high standard. Thanks for that.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind =-.

  18. Great to see you supporting local Aussie bands Sean
    .-= Cemil´s last blog ..Outsourcing Content Writing =-.

  19. Sean

    An excellent choice for the video and a great launch. The only regret I have so far on my journey was not joining as a tester. Oh well better late than never. Only a few months lost.
    .-= Gee´s last blog ..Why You Should Just Ignore Fad Diets (Part 2) =-.

  20. Hello Sean,

    I showed this video to my boys so that they could see how easy it is to have the lifestyle of our dreams. I have this post before, but its good to see it agian. I love the titile, the song and the reason you made the video. Will head on over to Youtube to hit all the stars under the clip 🙂

    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Our Kids Today =-.

  21. I love this video and the images of you and your family. It does create a “Better” image for me and helped restore my desire to live my dream. Thank you.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..You Are the Reason I Know It Will Happen =-.

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