Mindset Mastery 72 – A Reason For Desire And Faith

Mindset Mastery eBookSkeptical as humans tend to be, we often need to see the reason behind a belief before we can commit ourselves to the possibility of it. Leaving no stone unturned, Napoleon Hill gives us the reason he believed so strongly in the clues to success that he found.

The Power Of Faith And Desire

The reason Hill believed so strongly in the power of desire backed by faith was that he had seen this power lift people from very low beginnings to places of power and wealth; he saw it stave off what seemed as inevitable death; he saw it serve as the medium used by men to stage comebacks after being defeated in a hundred different ways; and he saw it give his own son a normal, happy, successful life, despite Nature’s having sent him into the world without ears. And every one of us who looks can see the same evidences in the lives of people all around us, both the rich and famous, and the lesser-known, yet highly successful in and around our own towns and cities.

Harnessing Desire

But how can a person harness and use the power of desire? This question has been answered in this chapter and in the subsequent chapters of this book. This message originally went out at the end of the longest and most devastating depression America and the world had ever known, and still, provided the essential elements of wealth creation to all of its readers. Yet the principles detailed in this book are equally as applicable to our lives today; there is no doubt that it will be read by many skeptics who have been quite beaten down by the stresses of modern living in the technology age, but the fact remains that those who can find and plan for the myriad of opportunities around them will also understand the truth behind what Hill has to say–that all achievement, no matter what its nature or purpose, must begin with an intense, burning desire for something definite.

Chemical Impulses

Through some strange and powerful principle of “mental chemistry” which still remains elusive despite all we know about the human brain and its inner workings, Nature wraps up in the impulse of strong desire “that something” which recognizes no such word as impossible, and accepts no such reality as failure.

Accept No Impossibility

Wealth and success are not impossible for you. Of all the impossibilities that have been disproven, that is one that should not even appear on the list—for the simple reason that it is so far from being an impossibility. Wealth and success can be yours, and they will be if you truly desire them to be, and maintain the faith that they can be.

Develop the desire, keep the faith, and enjoy the successful rewards of that ongoing commitment to you!

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
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  1. This is exceptionally good Sean.

    Gold again.

    Kudos to Sean.

    Tommy Turbos last blog post..Mindset Mastery 72 – A Reason For Desire And Faith

  2. Richard Colum says:

    Sceptical as humans tend to be, we often need to see the reason behind a belief

  3. Hi Sean,

    I truly believe that we still have so much we have not learnt about the capability of our brain. I’m in the middle of reading “The Power Of Now” and it is a book that seems to draw together many of the things I have learnt thus far. It excites me to think of the knowledge I have gained over the past year and I look forward to learning more and enjoying the journey as I now feel like I am on a journey rather than meandering down a path without any focus.

    I have read your goals and used the word “focus” in mine as it is all to easy to become distracted; espeicallly with 3 young children, a husband that works too hard in his own business and a business of my own to run. Time to focus and achieve those goals for 2009. My list is almost complete.

    Regards, Eileen

    “Pursue your goals with certainty”

  4. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    I agree with Eileen. After months of listening to your webinars, reading your books and reading your posts, I feel like I am genuinely on the path to success.

    I am starting to realize the power of my mind and exactly how important it is for me to take control of my thoughts. I’ve always had the desire to be successful, but now my faith and belief is becoming stronger all the time.

    I have had small successes over the years but this is the first time that I really believe I can have the huge success I desire. This is in no small part due to being in the forum and having access to you and the Zodiacs.

  5. If the Reason for Desire and Faith (the why) is strong enough I think by now we all agree that you can achieve it, and that you will discover the “how”.
    The challenge for me is still the trust in myself that the “how” will be taken care of if I provide the strong enough “why”. But I am on the best way to total faith in myself. Also because I took the challenge you set us and as a result read through all these great posts – Tks 🙂
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Overcoming Procrastination =-.

    • Hi Renee,

      I don’t think you have to worry about the how. Your subconscious mind will find the how. You only have to focus on cultivating that burning desire and building your faith up.

      Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. So, you have to convince your subconscious mind that your desire is already in your life. Then, it will find a way to manifest it into your life.
      .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Finding Your Passion =-.

  6. Desire and faith (or belief) + action. Rhonda Byrnes’ “The Secret” has been criticised for being too simplistic, mainly for missing the key ingredient of action. Of course, you do actually have to do things to move towards the thing you want. But it does start in the mind first.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Richard Branson Business School: A day visit =-.

  7. Now this post really interests me, for: “Nature wraps up in the impulse of strong desire “that something” which recognizes no such word as impossible, and accepts no such reality as failure.” I find this interesting because when I look back, the times I have achieved things that others have remarked upon as ‘noticeable’ are the times when I just looked at something and did it! Designing my garden, icing a cake, galloping a horse on a hill; I used to think, when it was brought to my attention that it was just because this was who I was – but now that I am digging a little deeper, I am recognising that I had no doubt about the outcome. There was no awareness of any ‘not’ in the experience.
    To sum up, the ‘burning desire’ from my perspective, doesn’t so much ‘deny’ nor ‘not accept’, it simply is just focused so wholly on itself that there is utterly no room for the negative.
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw´s last blog ..Empowering Mindset – Mastering Self =-.

  8. ‘Mental chemistry’ is a fascinating expression. I know that sometimes when I am about to achieve some breakthrough, I have a feeling in my brain like some different-from-usual chemicals are being produced that fire me onwards to achievement.
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..Think And Grow Rich Mindset Mastery =-.

  9. Hi Sean

    We can speculate where desire comes from but do we really know and does it really matter? The fact is, that sometimes without provocation, a desire will rise up and will dominate our thoughts.

    I have found that when that desire is there and it is a beneficial desire, action must be taken immediately to start moving towards the manifestation of that desire, constant action, making a plan of action, and putting the wheels in motion, that is the clue.

    • Hi Elly,

      I think desire comes when our soul recognises that something will be good for us. I think on some fundamental level we’re searching for the things that will fulfill us in this life. I think our subconscious recognises it when it sees it.

      With desire comes the need to achieve. We can have anything we want; we just have to want it badly enough and believe that it’ll be ours.
      .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen – Aussie Internet Marketer Making a Difference =-.

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