Mindset Mastery 70 – Deliciously Devious

Mindset Mastery eBookWe usually think of the word “devious” as having a negative connotation. But as Hill exemplifies here, sometimes surprises can be nothing short of wondrous.

Devious Manifestations Of Desire

“Verily, a burning desire has devious ways of transmuting itself into its physical equivalent. Blair desired normal hearing; now he has it! He was born with a handicap which might easily have sent one with a less defined desire to the street with a bundle of pencils and a tin cup. That handicap now promises to serve as the medium by which he will render useful service to many millions of hard of hearing, also, to give him useful employment at adequate financial compensation the remainder of his life.

“The little “white lies” I planted in his mind when he was a child, by leading him to believe his affliction would become a great asset, which he could capitalize, has justified itself. Verily, there is nothing, right or wrong, which belief, plus burning desire, cannot make real. These qualities are free to everyone.

Putting Belief To The Test

“In all my experience in dealing with men and women who had personal problems, I never handled a single case which more definitely demonstrates the power of desire. Authors sometimes make the mistake of writing of subjects of which they have but superficial, or very elementary knowledge. It has been my good fortune to have had the privilege of testing the soundness of the power of desire, through the affliction of my own son. Perhaps it was providential that the experience came as it did, for surely no one is better prepared than he, to serve as an example of what happens when desire is put to the test. If Mother Nature bends to the will of desire, is it logical that mere men can defeat a burning desire?

The Magnificent Mind

“Strange and imponderable is the power of the human mind! We do not understand the method by which it uses every circumstance, every individual, every physical thing within its reach, as a means of transmuting desire into its physical counterpart. Perhaps science will uncover this secret.

“I planted in my son’s mind the desire to hear and to speak as any normal person hears and speaks. That desire has now become a reality. I planted in his mind the desire to convert his greatest handicap into his greatest asset. That desire has been realized. The modus operandi by which this astounding result was achieved is not hard to describe. It consisted of three very definite facts; first, I mixed faith with the desire for normal hearing, which I passed on to my son. Second, I communicated my desire to him in every conceivable way available, through persistent, continuous effort, over a period of years. Third, he believed me!”

Words To Live By

I said it in the last post, and I’ll say it again here. These are words for a New Year; for a new beginning; for a new experience of success and abundance. Take these words—desire, faith, and also, belief—into the New Year with you. Believe in you and your success will follow!

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
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Sean Rasmussen is a passionate blogger and has been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When he's not with his family, or dog Buddy, Sean is usually blogging or doing something related to the internet.


  1. Man you teach good stuff. Keep going Sean it is worth it, you are changing lives for the better and you don’t even know it.

    Kudos to Sean

    Tommy Turbos last blog post..Mindset Mastery 70 – Deliciously Devious

  2. With the wonderful and magical gift of life which we have all been given by our universal creator, comes a blueprint for a very successful and harmonious future. That blueprint could best be described by keywords such as love, faith,honesty,charity,humility forgiveness and so it goes on. When we are children we know these emotions and as we progress through life into adulthood and undergo the “lifes toughening up process”, we begin to forget and lose faith in the system,we begin to think differently about ourselves and other people and life begins to lose it’s simplicity and becomes increasingly difficult. However the blueprint still remains hidden within us and the amazing reality is, we can recall all the positive emotions we were originally given, simply by asking and having the faith that Napoleon Hill brings to light in “Think and Grow Rich”.

  3. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    Desire, faith and belief. Three small and yet incredibly powerful words if they are applied. I love that there is nothing that a burning desire can’t make real.

    The mind is a powerful tool and I’m only just beginning to realize the extent of its potential. I am learning these concepts and starting to understand how they work together. But, I have yet to be able to consistently harness their power. It’s something I work on daily.

  4. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    Desire, faith and belief. Three small and yet incredibly powerful words if they are applied. I am learning that the mind is a really powerful tool but I am still just beginning to harness its power.

    I need to be able to apply these lessons consistently, day in and day out. I love that there is nothing that belief and a burning desire can’t make real. So, given that, I have faith that it will only be a matter of time before I am able to master these lessons. But, for now, I am still a work in progress.:)

  5. Desire, faith , believe.
    These are very strong words and they are used a lot, but I don’t think in the way meant by Napoleon Hill (or Sean for that matter). I guess for a lot of people they are connected with either something negative (desire) or very much church/religion/dogma (faith, believe) which is not an active approach in most cases but a passive one (I have faith in God and he will take care (action) for me).

    Thanks for reminding us that they are very positive, very powerful words and ideas that we can use for our advantage!
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind – Part 2 =-.

    • Hi Renee,

      I think all the answers to any problem we ever have lie within us. Or, maybe not within us but by using our minds effectively, we will find the answer. Whether that’s through someone else or some kind of circumstance.

      I think we have to cultivate a burning desire for what we want and mix it with faith and belief. I believe there’s nothing we can’t do, be or have if we harness the power of our minds and apply the principles of success.
      .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Finding Your Passion =-.

  6. White lies. A good friend of mine went through a huge challenge when her teenage daughter got into an extremely serious skateboarding accident in their backyard. The daughter ended up in hospital for months and they didn’t know if she would walk again.

    I watched my friend’s eyes and face as she told me this story. She told her daughter, in firm, courageous terms that she would walk again. She actually didn’t know if that was true, but she felt she had no choice but to get her daughter to believe that.

    Last time I spoke to my friend, her daughter recovered – after months of recovery – but she’s walking and well.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Richard Branson Business School: A day visit =-.

  7. I am inspired by the inspiration in Napoleon’s voice. I hear the same spirit urging us on in uplifting soul-stirring songs, where one can feel energised by the music and lyrics. I hear it in a friend of mine’s words when he truly believes ‘life is good’. And so it is!
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw´s last blog ..Empowering Mindset – Mastering Self =-.

  8. It is a very good article you write here Sean, very heart felt and warm. Thanks for the feeling you put into your article.
    This is something that i can come back to.
    .-= Richard Colum´s last blog ..Tips for First Time Home Buyers =-.

  9. I recall reading in a book entitled ‘Magic and Mystery in Tibet’, the author, Alexandra David-Neal, says that she was on of perhaps 100 people (mainly monks) walking from India to Lhasa. She had been told that it was possible to create a physical person out of thin air. She did. She made it look like a monk and it took it’s place amongst the other monks…..
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..Think And Grow Rich Mindset Mastery =-.

  10. Hi Sean

    Most people look at the problem and not at the solution. I like the challenge of finding solutions as it opens up a path of mega creativity.

    Fixation on knowing that there is a solution is a good place to set our concentration. It can not fail.

    • Hi Elly,

      It’s kind of how people say; you can be part of the problem or part of the solution. I’d much rather move forward and find a solution than to dwell on what’s wrong. There’s no power when you’re stuck in the problem.

      The power comes when you face it head on and open your mind to finding a creative solution. One will be there, you just have to believe it’s there.
      .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Sean Rasmussen – Aussie Internet Marketer Making a Difference =-.

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