3 Chapter Preview – The Secret Law Of Attraction

A 3 chapter preview of my latest book will be available on Wednesday 24th September 2008: The Secret Law Of Attraction. Mick in my office offered to make a video for the book launch and he presented it to me a few hours ago. I think it turned out really well.

Here it is. Thanks Mick:

YouTube Preview Image

The Secret Law Of Attraction Preview

You will be able to download the 3 chapter preview copy here on this blog, Wednesday 24th September, 2008. Make sure you let your friends know about this free offer of The Secret Law Of Attraction. I have put a great deal of effort into this book and my reward is your combined gratitude. Show me that you can enjoy the contents and share your feedback with me, either on this blog or on the FaceBook Group: The Secret Law Of Attraction

No one will pay for this book. I have made sure it is 100% Free to everyone.

Your Complete And Free Copy

Stay tuned and you will get your full copy, totally free here on this blog. Come back and get ready to download the book. Then read it, share it, email it to your friends, make the world a better place!

The Secret Law Of Attraction

Tomorrow, there will be a new post and a download link for you to grab your preview copy.

Join my FaceBook Group for this launch and future free stuff!

Until then, have a most outstanding day!

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  1. Sharon de Bruyn says:

    Great movie clip Mick.

    Having proof read Sean’s book, the clip envisioned the emotions I felt whilst reading The Secret Law of Attraction.

    What I read was eye opening and uplifting. I am very thankful for having had the privilege to be able to proof read this ebook.

    Thank you Sean for your generosity of time and spirit.

    Cheers Mate,


  2. Awesome video Mick! I felt in a state of gratitude all the way through and still am knowing that this book is about to be released with even more secrets… well maybe not secrets… to attract the things I want in my life. Thanks Sean for making this available for everyone. I’m so looking forward to it!


  3. Hi Sharon and Ange
    This is causing quite some commotion! I’m having a ball!
    Mick surprised me with the video. I knew it would be good and it was brilliant!

  4. Wow! Fantastic video Mick. You’ve done a great job there mate.I’m really looking forward to the launch of this book Sean and the fact that it is free to distribute for everyone’s benefit is fantastic. This is the type of marketing we need to encourage and when it helps to make the world a better place, then I’m all for it. I will certainly be spreading the word over hear in the UK for you.
    Thankyou for all your efforts…..

  5. Hi Sean
    I always love the word free.
    What I like more more however is actually being free.
    Free to do what I want, when I want. how I want and with who I want to do it with.
    Freedom starts from within you, when you take a different direction to the rest of the world.
    Stop being a sheep and believe that you can do it alone !

  6. Good video mick & sean and thanks so much Sean for you dedication and commitment to the efforts you put into making this world a far better place. So I suppose your ready to do another book ,congratulations mate.

  7. Thanks Stu and Allen
    Hmm.. not quite ready for another book yet 😉 I’m still fixing the typo’s for Fridays release.

    I’ve got 3 chapters ready… LOL

  8. Such a great video Sean – cannot wait for the book in full detail!
    SUch an inspiration to us all!

    Lifted my morning to a much brighter level – well done!


  9. That is a pretty cool video Mick. How about making one for the SR elite group in Cairns as well 😉 That’d be pretty interesting to watch.

  10. Awesome, I found the clip to be extremely motivating. Bring on the book release, can’t wait. Knowing Sean, the book will be mind blowing.

    Take Care!!!

  11. Can’t wait foro the release Sean so far looks pretty good!

  12. I guess you made a video vision board. Very cool. Keep up the good work.

  13. Aihoon George says:

    thanks so much for the book. i will make good use of it, share it with my friend and make the world a better place.

  14. I know you only promised us the first 3 chapters but I was so engulfed in it that I was truley disapointed when it came to an end, Absolutely loved the video clip it was very inspirational and motavating.
    Well done! keep up the excellent work and keep it comming.
    Have a nice day.

  15. Hi Astrid
    You can download the entire book now from the sidebar on the blog.

  16. Great info. I recently write something on this phenomenon, yet focusing it with a revolutionary twist for the men-women love and dating realm. Do check the free e-book at


    Lex dePraxiss last blog post..The Secret Law of Attraction

  17. Good link of video the secret law of attraction and also free, thanks so much.

  18. Hi Sean,
    I can only applaud you for the effort you put in to educate others on the possibilities they have to help themselves. You show generosity and take action wherever necessary – job well done.

    Tks – and keep doing the good stuff!
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Wealth Creation – What is Wealth? =-.

  19. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    I love that you are willing to spend the time and money necessary to help people you don’t even know (yet) and may never meet create better lives for themselves.

  20. Don’t think I’ll ever get sick of that song on the video. Great track Sean.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Green businesses in South Africa =-.

  21. Hi Sean,
    The book preview went so well. …just about everyone I know has a copy.

    The Facebook fan page now has 100’s of members. All your hard work has paid off.

  22. Thanks mate
    .-= Gee´s last blog ..Why You Should Just Ignore Fad Diets (Part 2) =-.

  23. Clever marketing, Sean. A magnetic and memorable video, a magnetic offer, all designed to get people interested and coming back for more.
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..Think And Grow Rich Mindset Mastery =-.

  24. Hi Stuart,
    Good on you. I think they will be interested in the book the UK, like you say. I know my friend is, she also lives her life by the Law of attraction and the teachings of Wallace Wattle and she is a very entrepreneurial minded lady.

    She is amazing by the way she makes things happen, she really is.
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Common Law Marriage – What is Common Law Marriage? =-.

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