Mindset Mastery 202 – Gaining Power

No doubt we’ve all had times when we’ve felt powerless over our lives. You may even find yourself in such a state now. None of us are truly without power or ability, though. If you know how to build power, you can drive those forces that will build you wealth as well.

So let’s look at the power of the master mind with Think And Grow Rich.

Gaining Power Through the “Master Mind”

The “Master Mind” maybe defined as: “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

No individual may have great power without availing himself of the “Master Mind.” In a preceding chapter, instructions were given for the creation of plans for the purpose of translating desire into its monetary equivalent. If you carry out these instructions with persistence and intelligence, and use discretion in the selection of your “Master Mind” group, your objective will have been half way reached, even before you begin to recognize it.

So that you can better understand the “intangible” potentialities of power available to you, through a properly chosen “Master Mind” group, we will explain here the two characteristics of the Master Mind principle, one of which is economic in nature, and the other psychic. The economic feature is obvious. Economic advantages can be created by any person who surrounds himself with the advice, counsel, and personal cooperation of a group of men who are willing to lend him wholehearted aid, in a spirit of perfect harmony. This form of cooperative alliance has been the basis of nearly every great fortune. Your understanding of this great truth may definitely determine your financial status.

“No Two Minds…”

The psychic phase of the Master Mind principle is much more abstract, much more difficult to comprehend, because it has reference to the spiritual forces with which the human race, as a whole, is not well acquainted and many question (*remember, however, that references to spirit and spirituality do not necessarily speak about religion; the human spirit simply refers to that unexplained, ethereal emotion which might best be described, for lack of a better term, as the soul). Consider the significance of the suggestion in this statement: “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

Keep in mind the fact that there are only two known elements in the whole universe, energy and matter. It is a well known fact that matter can be broken down into units of molecules, atoms, and electrons. There are units of matter which may be isolated, separated, and analyzed.

The Energy To Succeed

As we go on in subsequent Mindset Mastery installments, we’ll begin to break down this concept of energy and units of energy, and how we can capture and build energy to our advantage, and Napoleon Hill will continue to help us piece these principles and concepts together until we have a roadmap for personal success and wealth.

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  1. Hello Sean,

    A mastermind group – if set up correctly – can be a wonderful place to share knowledge and skills.

    The group needs to have guidelines….what is the purpose of meeting together? And keep it on track. If the mastermind group gets together and there is no sharing of skills and talking about how to succeed then there is no point in meeting up. My question would be – where are the best places to meet like minded people so that knowledge can be shared without competition?

    Love Think and Grow Rich, working on the mindset and gaining power is my mission.

    Looking forward to learning and earing more every single day.

    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Change Your Life =-.

  2. G’day Sean,
    In my opinion our YOTA forum is the perfect example of a Mastermind Group. The energy, synergy and positive mental attitude of all participants is a constant inspiration.

    This post came at a good time for me as I’ve been a bit crook [ how Aussie is that ? ] for 2 weeks with a nasty bug which has sapped energy – unusual admission for me.
    It has given me a lift to get off my butt and go go go. GREAT TIMING !

    .-= Harry Lynn´s last blog ..SEAN RASMUSSEN’S ” LEARN AND EARN ” COMPETITION =-.

  3. If the mind is willing and able, then true things will enable plans to come together. One thing in particular is that when you are planning your mind has to be free of the “Garbage” that one can hold on to. if you have a clear mind your planning can be achieved effectively.
    .-= Richard Colum´s last blog ..How to Buy a Home in Australia without a Credit History =-.

  4. I agree with everyone else: The mastermind group is extremely useful if used correctly. If you have a couple of partners who all are extremely passionate about having succes, you have so much power with that group.
    I like your abstraction of the principle!

  5. Hi Sean. This all sounds familiar. In an original issue of Napolean Hills “Think and grow Rich” he ascribes the very same principles in exactly the same way much of the time…

  6. Congratulations, Becs! 🙂
    Welcome to the world of Napoleon Hill and Think And Grow Rich. That is what this blog is about. This was part 202 of the public domain re-write of Napoleon Hill’s book 🙂

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