Mindset Mastery 199 – Reviewing Greatness

Mindset Mastery eBookThis old (but good) review by Thomas Sugrue is the next-best-thing Napoleon Hill had to actually including the entire biography of Mohammed, the “Father” of Islam. It is a lesson in persistence, featured here in this review feature.

Potency To Persistence

If you are keenly interested in studying the strange power which gives potency to persistence, read a biography of Mohammed, the Father of Islam (in particular the one written by Essad Bey). This brief review of that book, written by Thomas Sugrue and published many years ago in the Herald-Tribune, will provide a preview of the rare treat in store for those who take the time to read the entire story of one of the most astounding examples of the power of persistence known to civilization. It is a most important read for us today as the world reaches out for a better understanding of this religion to which its believers themselves persist so strongly in nurturing. A better understanding of the Prophet Mohammed, his persistence and acceptance of all believers, can only help to clarify the true intentions of his people.


Reviewed by Thomas Sugrue

“Mohammed was a prophet, but he never performed a miracle. He was not a mystic; he had no formal schooling; he did not begin his mission until he was forty. When he announced that he was the Messenger of God, bringing word of the true religion, he was ridiculed and labeled a lunatic. Children tripped him and women threw filth upon him. He was banished from his native city, Mecca, and his followers were stripped of their worldly goods and sent into the desert after him. When he had been preaching ten years he had nothing to show for it but banishment, poverty and ridicule. Yet before another ten years had passed, he was dictator of all Arabia, ruler of Mecca, and the head of a New World religion which was to sweep to the Danube and the Pyrenees before exhausting the impetus he gave it. That impetus was three-fold: the power of words, the efficacy of prayer and man’s kinship with God.

“His career never made sense. Mohammed was born to impoverished members of a leading family of Mecca. Because Mecca, the crossroads of the world, home of the magic stone called the Caaba, great city of trade and the center of trade routes, was unsanitary, its children were sent to be raised in the desert by Bedouins. Mohammed was thus nurtured, drawing strength and health from the milk of nomad, vicarious mothers. He tended sheep and soon hired out to a rich widow as leader of her caravans. He traveled to all parts of the Eastern World, talked with many men of diverse beliefs and observed the decline of Christianity into warring sects. When he was twenty-eight, Khadija, the widow, looked upon him with favor, and married him. Her father would have objected to such a marriage, so she got him drunk and held him up while he gave the paternal blessing. For the next twelve years Mohammed lived as a rich and respected and very shrewd trader. Then he took to wandering in the desert, and one day he returned with the first verse of the Koran and told Khadija that the archangel Gabriel had appeared to him and said that he was to be the Messenger of God.

The Story Continued

I’d originally thought to include the review here in its entirety, but it would make for a very long post; and so, we’ll continue with this review and wrap up chapter 9 of Napoleon Hill‘s updated Think and Grow Rich in our next Mindset Mastery installment. But if you can’t wait, of course feel free to download the full text of the book!

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  1. This is a very interesting article you write here. I was bought up as a christian but always have been intrigued as to what is taught in other beliefs.
    it appears in walks of life if you want something and you honestly believe in it you will succeed because the drive will take you to your destination.
    Thanks for this.
    .-= Richard Colum´s last blog ..Save for Your Australian Home Down Payment =-.

  2. Hi Sean,
    I don’t have a religious bent however it is inspiring to read the story of someone like Mohammed who has the courage of his convictions.

    He certainly is an example of someone showing persistence and that his persistence can have changing effects on the whole world for century’s to come…..is it for the better? I don’t know. I’ll have to read on to find out what happens.

  3. I’m waiting for the next installment. 🙂
    .-= Jill Brown´s last blog ..Lifestyle with Sean Rasmussen – Affiliate Marketing =-.

  4. Speaking of reviewing greatness, Ghengis Khan almost wiped Islam off the map, persistently killing millions upon millions of Muslims for over 40 years in a persistence of genocide. Of course, then he converted and became Islam’s protector.
    .-= Wal Heinrich´s last blog ..Building A Granny Flat In Your Backyard For Granny =-.

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