Mindset Mastery 157 – Harmonious Living

Living in harmony with yourself and with what you do is integral to success and contentment. This goes beyond the services you provide to others and marries all the facets of your personal and professional life for ultimate success.

Job Requirement: Harmonious Conduct

Andrew Carnegie stressed this point to Napoleon Hill more than others in his description of the factors which lead to success in marketing personal services. He emphasized again and again the necessity for harmonious conduct. He stressed the fact that he would not retain any man, no matter how great a quantity or how efficient the quality of his work, unless he worked in a spirit of harmony. Mr. Carnegie insisted on men being agreeable.

To prove that he placed a high value on this quality, he permitted many men who conformed to his standards to become very wealthy. Those who did not conform had to make room for others.

The importance of a pleasant personality has been stressed because it is a factor which enables people to render service in the proper spirit. If a person has a pleasant personality, and renders service in a spirit of harmony, these assets often make up for deficiencies in both the quality and the quantity of service that person renders. Nothing, however, can be successfully substituted for pleasing conduct.

The Capital Value Of Your Services

The person whose income is derived entirely from the sale of personal services is no less a merchant than the man who sells commodities, and it might well be added, that such a person is subject to exactly the same rules of conduct as the merchandiser.

This has been emphasized because the majority of people who make a living by selling their personal services make the mistake of considering themselves free from the rules of conduct and the responsibilities attached to those who are engaged in marketing commodities.

The new way of marketing services has practically forced both employer and employee into partnerships, through which both take into consideration the rights of the third party—the public they serve.

Be A New-World Go-Getter

The “go-getter” has been transformed into the “go-giver.” High-pressure methods in business finally blew the lid off. There is no need to put the lid back on, be because, in the future, business will be conducted by methods that will require no pressure.

The actual capital value of your brains may be determined by the amount of income you can produce (by marketing your services). A fair estimate of the capital value of your services may be calculated by multiplying your annual income by sixteen and two-thirds, as it is reasonable to estimate that your annual income represents six percent of your capital value. Interest rates are settling around 6% per year.

Real Value

Money is worth no more than brains. It is often worth much less.

Competent “brains,” if effectively marketed, represent a much more desirable form of capital than that what is required to conduct a business dealing in commodities, because “brains” are a form of capital which cannot be permanently depreciated through depressions, nor can this form of capital be stolen or spent.

Moreover, the money essential for the conduct of business is as worthless as a sand dune, until it has been mixed with efficient “brains.”

Personal Possibility

It’s been said many times around here and in wealth creation circles; it’s not the money that makes you wealthy, it’s your brains and mindset. This simply serves as more support for that fact.

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