Mindset Mastery 156 – Effective Marketing

A simple formula is all you need to effectively market yourself with integrity and honesty, and build (earn!) a devoted following, paving your way to success in whatever you do.

What Is Your “QQS” Rating?

The way to market services effectively and permanently, has been clearly described. Unless those causes are studied, analyzed, understood and applied, no man can market his services effectively and permanently. Every person must be his own salesman of personal services. The quality and quantity of service rendered, and the spirit in which it is rendered, determine to a large extent the price and the duration of employment. To market personal services effectively, (which means a permanent market, at a reasonable price, under good conditions), one must adopt and follow the “QQS” formula which means that quality plus quantity plus the right spirit of cooperation, equals perfect salesmanship of service. Remember the “QQS” formula, but do more—apply it as habitually!

Let’s analyze the formula to make sure we understand exactly what it means.

1. Quality of service means the performing of every detail connected with your position in the most efficient manner possible with the object of greater efficiency always in mind.

2. Quantity of service is understood to mean the habit of rendering all the service you are capable of rendering, at all times, with the purpose of increasing the amount of service rendered as greater skill is developed through practice and experience. Emphasis is again placed on the word habit.

3. Spirit of service means the habit of agreeable, harmonious conduct which will induce cooperation from associates and fellow employees.

Adequacy of quality and quantity of service is not enough to maintain a permanent market for your services. The conduct, or the spirit in which you deliver service, is a strong determining factor in connection with both the price you receive, and the duration of employment.

Lasting Success

To achieve lasting success—success that will hold you throughout life—you need to have all three of these marketing and servicing pieces in place. Napoleon Hill found these in the great men and women he studied for his book. We’ll look at more specifics examples in the next Mindset Mastery installment.

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  1. QQS Formula seems to be a powerful one. Thanks for sharing Sean, I am deeply grateful to you for your audio-recordings on Science of Getting Rich. Amazing work! 🙂

    With a Now of Love, luck and Life

    Perfect Life Spot
    .-= Charnita´s last blog ..The Law of Association =-.

  2. Such a basic formula, but it makes sense that Hill found these common qualities in the successful people he studied.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..How to make comments online and build your online persona =-.

  3. I totally agree with the three qualities needed to last in any business….
    Quality, Quantity, Spirit…..I have found most business lack the quality of service, their goods are not supplied, and sometimes the spirit of the sales person leaves a lot to be desired. With a smile, honesty, quality of product and the ability to deliver on the product asap, its a formula for success. If only most business followed Napoleon Hills three guildelines – imagine how well off that company would be!!!
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Its Meant To Be =-.

  4. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    It makes so much sense that quality, quantity and spirit should be the cornerstone of success. Everybody knows quality work when they see it and to be successful, it is true that you need to be able to produce quality work in quantities sufficient enough to satisfy people, topped off with service with a smile.

    The QQS rating is an excellent formula for success. You couldn’t help but succeed if you employed this strategy in your business dealings.

  5. I have never heard about the QQS formula before, but it sounds absolutely right. Only technical perfection doesn’t make the best possible service. The soul needs to be there as well.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Motivational Music =-.

  6. I discussed this very thing with an acquaintance not long ago. He’s belief was that we shouldn’t toot our own horn as the music we play is unreliable as of course we’d talk highly of ourselves. In particular he was referring to writers telling people they should buy their work because it’s brilliant*. I argued that since we are our worst critics and the best form of marketing is word of mouth why should we not take every opportunity to spread the word of something we’re proud of.

    We went back and forth and the debate finally ended when he brought up that the back of a novel, which most often entices its purchase, is not written by the author him/herself but by someone else. I countered with the fact that no one could write the back of a novel without first having read it and wouldn’t be able to read it if the author didn’t tell them it was written.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..My Book Review of The Pact by Jodi Picoult =-.

  7. Hi Sean

    I like the fact that Hill has come up with a formula for success that is presented in such an easy way to remember. The QQS method, quality, quantity and spirit

    I can easily memorise them and use them as a checklist to make sure I effectively market myself with integrity and honesty and success.

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