Mindset Mastery 151 – Show Off

Mindset Mastery eBookThis is it, the time to take that action and show yourself off to the world. It’s more real-world practicality; here’s how Napoleon Hill recommends your introduce yourself to opportunity.

Information To Be Supplied In A Resume Or Portfolio

Your resume, application, or portfolio is most likely going to be an employer’s first introduction to you, your skills, and services. It is essential to make good use of this opportunity to grab attention and put yourself in the running, but you must do this quickly and efficiently. Employers and human resources personnel are only grazing at this point. The want impressive facts, but they want them quickly and in good presentation. The following includes the most essential information your resume should include:

1. Education. List schools and colleges you have attended, with dates of attendance and degrees received. If you have taken additional courses which are applicable to the position, list those as well.

2. Experience. If you have had experience in connection with positions similar to the one you seek, describe it fully, listing names and addresses of former employers. Be sure to bring out clearly any special experience you may have had which would well equip you to fill the position.

3. Skills. List the skills you possess and in particular those you believe will serve well in your capacity to fulfill the position. Include naturally developed talents (only where applicable), skills gained through education, and most importantly, skills refined through work experience. More than anything else, your skills and abilities will determine what consideration you receive; your skills are what set you apart from every other applicant with a degree, certification, or basic job requirements.

4. Licenses and certifications. List any additional credentials you have that are applicable to the position being offered.

5. References. Practically every business or employer will want to research your previous employment history and performance record. Offer names and contact information for people who will vouch for your abilities, and either present the following with your resume or note that letters of reference are available upon request (depending on the request of the prospective employer). Attach copies of letters of reference from former teachers and professors, current and former employers, and, if appropriate and applicable, people in prominent positions who will speak for you personally.

6. Include a targeted objective. Avoid applying for a position without describing exactly what particular position you seek. Never apply for “just a position.” That indicates you lack specialized qualifications. Instead, formulate an objective that is tailored to your own goals or the position being offered.

7. Knowledge of your prospective employer’s business. Before applying for a position, research the company and/or business area in question to familiarize yourself thoroughly with that business, and indicate in your cover letter the knowledge you have acquired in this field. This will be impressive, as it will indicate that you have imagination, and a real interest in the position you seek.

Remember that it is not the lawyer who knows the most law, but the one who best prepares his case, who wins. If your “case” is properly prepared and presented, your victory will have been more than half won at the outset.

Tips For Creating Inviting Portfolios

You should take care not to make your cover letter and resume too long. Employers are busy people who receive many applications for both advertised and unadvertised positions. Your first contact should be a concise, well-prepared, professional representation of yourself, your intelligence, and your abilities, but it should also be something of a ‘best you at-a-glance’. If you prepare your resume well you will get your ‘foot in the door’ for an interview where you will have the opportunity to expand upon your abilities and qualifications.

The importance of resenting a clean, well-organized, professional resume cannot be stressed enough. A well prepared document will show that you are a painstaking person with a sense of pride. With the huge number of resumes a single employer might see, there is no room for error. Take the time to refine and tweak your resume and especially your cover letter every time you submit it. Change names and direct your application to the individual employer or company each time it is presented. Edit your cover letter to include specific reference to the company or position you are seeking. This personal touch shows that you are really interested in the business you are submitting your resume to and that you have a real interest in their position, not merely in landing a job anywhere.

First Impressions

Successful salespeople take care with their appearance care. They understand that first impressions are lasting. Your resume is your salesman. Give it a good suit of clothes, so it will stand out in bold contrast to anything your prospective employer ever saw in the way of an application for a position. If the position you seek is worth having, it is worth going after with care. Moreover, if you sell yourself to an employer in a manner that impresses him with your individuality, you probably will receive more money for your services from the very start than you would if you applied for employment with only the basic necessities.

Just What You Wanted

Now that we’ve dealt with the practicalities of achieving new positions, we can move on next time to getting exactly the position that you desire—and yes, Napoleon Hill has answers for that, too!

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  1. Sean –
    Great blog post. I love how you take Napoleon Hill’s information and correlate it to our world today and how important it is in making our presentation for a JOB so important. With his insights anyone can achieve all that they desire. It sounds like your next posting will show us just that. Great work.

    Believe in Yourself,
    .-= Derek´s last blog ..The Demands of Life =-.

  2. Hi Sean, Valuable information here and the principles can be applied to just about every work situation. Is this information taught in school or college,…I wonder? If so I may have been away that day. Napoleon Hill has given insight to just about every situation to be able to learn self improvement. You are so intuitive Sean to pick up on this exceptional quality and be able to teach Napoleon Hills work so well. Thank you for this info.

  3. Resume writing… Not something that most people enjoy doing. But it’s worth getting it right, because it’s essentially your personal brochure. It also a good idea to tailor it to the position you’re applying for too.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..How to make comments online and build your online persona =-.

  4. I thiink I have trouble with my resume/ because I have not worked in a full time position since I started having children over 15 years ago. I have many skills as a Mum but how do I put that into a resume!!! I once was a Manager of two Ice Cream Boutiques but again I have no names/numbers for a new employer to contact the previous employers.
    I do see how it is a benefit for potential employee’s to work out the best way to get a foot in the door!! Will be working on how to improve a sales letter/ resume for next time. Will have to save this blog to my favorites so i can re-visit it for furture times.
    Next time I will shine and show off!!! (just kidding)
    thanks Sean

    • Hi Lisa,
      as a mum you have lots of organizational and “emergency” skills. So depending on the job you can make a brilliant case for yourself. It is “learned in the school of life” and a good employer will acknowledge that.
      I remember there was a woman who gave herself a really great “job title” for her life as a full time mom. I don’t remember it exactly but something like “Director emergency relief center” or she might have even changed it depending on the occasion (Crisis Coordinator, Supply Chain Manager, Transport Officer …)
      So you see, you have a big choice 😉
      .-= Renee´s last blog ..Motivational Music =-.

  5. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    Wow! You’ve done an awesome job compiling that list. It’s incredibly thorough and there’s no way I could fail to get my foot in the door if I made a resume like you suggest.

  6. I should send all our applicants this list. It’s amazing how badly and with how little care some people present themselves to a prospective employer. Very often it shows total lack of interest already. And then they are astonished that they don’t get the job …
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Motivational Music =-.

    • Hi Renee,

      I’m always surprised by some of the resumes I get handed and the way some applicants come dressed for their interviews. I have a problem with t-shirts that aren’t even ironed and thongs. Especially when the job calls for them to wear a dress shirt.

      I agree that it shows a lack of interest and a lack of respect. One thing’s for sure, the next time I’m looking for a job; I’m going to use Napoleon Hill’s advice and get the job I want.
      .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Finding Your Passion =-.

  7. This post should be given out to all high school or university students. I’ve looked for many ideas on how to spruce up my resume and yours is the most concise, straight forward and helpful one I’ve come across. Thanks Sean.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..I Am Attracting You and Your Vote Via Law Of Attraction =-.

  8. Hi Sean
    There is a spelling mistake under the heading ‘Tips For Creating Inviting Portfolios’ in the beginning of the second paragraph it says ‘The importance of resenting a clean’ it should be ‘presenting’ not ‘resenting’

  9. Hi Sean

    This is a great guide to preparing yourself for ‘that’ interview and for getting your resume up to date.

    Now most of us here won’t be wanting to work for a ‘boss’, certainly not me anyway however, it is still an excellent guide for preparing submissions for joint ventures or contracts.

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