Mindset Mastery 150 – Moving On

Mindset Mastery eBookThe next few ideas presented in the Mindset Mastery book were intended as a sort of practical guide to moving on to better things in your personal and professional life, with the end result being, of course, obtaining wealth. It’s good, real-world advice that still rings true, and has been updated as well to fit our modern age. We have used Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill as a guide to put this message across.

When And How To Apply For A Position

The information described here is the net result of many years of experience during which thousands of men and women were helped to market their services effectively. It can, therefore, be relied on as sound and practical.

Media Through Which Services May Be Marketed

Experience has proven that the following media offer the most direct and effective methods of bringing the buyer and seller of personal services together.

1. Employment agencies. Employment agencies give you a much larger and more visible presence than you alone can manage. Agencies also have insider information and connections a private individual simply will not have. But you have to be careful to trust your future employment or contracts to only reputable agencies. Research any agent by getting references and searching the company online. A good agent will be able to give you names for reference as well as produce a portfolio of completed projects and satisfied customers.

2. Advertising. Sometimes the oldies are the goodies, and traditional classified ads in newspapers, trade journals, magazines, and radio still are a first-hand resource for the job seeker. Likewise, print media are still first-line advertising means for businesses and individuals looking to market their businesses or services to a larger audience; it is worth remembering, too, that not all people have made the switch to online living, so if you never utilize print media for advertising, you could be missing a very large part of your target audience.

3. Personal resumes and applications directed to particular firms or individuals most apt to need the services being offered. Letters and resumes should be free of errors and give a brief, impressive account of experience and capabilities; if you are not confident in your abilities to prepare your own resume or portfolio, seek the services of a professional resume writer.

4. Personal acquaintances. In today’s world you may not even live in the same country as your prospective employer, but where you have the advantage of a personal connection, take the opportunity. Having an already trusted adviser speak for your abilities can catapult you to the top of a very long list of applicants.

5. Applying in cyber-space. It can be difficult to tell these days where employers go to find good help. Many will utilize traditional systems such as newspapers, classifieds, and print media, but an ever-growing number are foregoing the cost and tedium of managing print advertising for the faster, more widely appealing convenience of the internet. If you ignore the opportunity to research job listing and post your resume online, you are severely limiting your opportunity.

Show Yourself

The next Napoleon Hill installment will continue this series of practical, action-oriented advice. Come back to learn more about presenting yourself with your best face forward to capture the opportunities you desire.

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  1. These days Applying in cyber-space has gone to a completely new level. With sites like LinkedIn it allows you to market yourself like never before – people can also find you!

    Of course there are those who will highlight the security concerns, etc, etc. However if you use these great online resources carefully the sky’s the limit.
    .-= Cemil´s last blog ..Article Directories Tips =-.

  2. Hi Sean, I very rarely buy a newspaper these days or watch news on TV. More and more each day I rely on the internet to find info and to see what opportunities are available. Valuable advice you have compiled here for your readers Sean, from the teachings of such a wise man as Napoleon Hill.

  3. I’ve heard about people getting jobs through social media sites like Twitter… We make business contacts, friendships, marketing and even marriage relationships through social media. Why not job opportunities too?
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..How to make comments online and build your online persona =-.

  4. The way the web is going with facebook and twitter – plus by placing your resume online you are able to reach more and more people…world wide. The newspapers are good for local jobs (mostly casual jobs), but if you are looking for a job that has more potential to move forward with the skills you have and to help you move forward to acquire new skills then putting your resume out there is the way to go. Probably in the near furture the only way to get a job is for bosses to look at your profile on facebook, twitter, digg and to search for your name on google!! It will be contest for the best of the best to fill the best of the best jobs.
    Good points Napoleon Hill and Sean has by sharing 🙂
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Its Meant To Be =-.

  5. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    I love the list. Applying for jobs in cyber-space has to be the way to go because you’d have to figure that any companies that are using the net are at least intent on being contenders.

    I think any business that doesn’t have an online presence these days is seriously behind the times and I’m not sure that I’d want to work for them, assuming that I was given the opportunity.

  6. It looks like we all agree – most of the communication these days moves or is at least replicated online. It is fast, easy to access once you have gotten used to the computer and gives you a much bigger range.
    Hopefully the learning curve also sets in that whatever I put out there can be seen by a possible employer and will form part of my persona, if intended for the employer or not 😉
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Motivational Music =-.

  7. Although I’m not in need of a new job anytime soon you’re offering a great resource incase something changes. I love my job so I hope to stay but I am thinking more and more about working for myself.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..I Am Attracting You and Your Vote Via Law Of Attraction =-.

  8. Hi Sean

    I haven’t had to apply for a position in a long time having left the corporate life behind 12 months ago. Before that I had my own practice for quite a few years.

    I was really interested in what Cemil said about Linkedin as this is a professional variation of facebook and can be a fantastic market place for employers and employees.

    In my last job, management checked out applicants ‘facebook profiles’ where possible and were not considered for the job if their profiles were questionable.

    • Hi Elly,

      The company I work for routinely checks employee’s Facebook profiles whenever they call in sick. You’d be surprised how many times people call in sick and then post pictures of a party or something else they’ve been to on their profiles.

      More and more companies are using our social media profiles to assess whether we’re right for a particular job or our integrity in the job. I think we really need to understand that what we put on all our profiles does impact our real life.
      .-= Jazz Salinger´s last blog ..Finding Your Passion =-.

  9. There likely are many new jobs being created by the internet as we speak..
    You never know when employment may be required or a change of jobs..

    Keeping up with the changing trends is a smart choice,just in case..

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