Mindset Mastery 149 – More Fertile Fields

I promised the remainder of the Napoleon Hill list, and today I’m delivering. Unless, of course, you took my advice and downloaded the book, and have already skipped ahead of the rest of us 😉

More Opportunities For Skilled Leaders

Fourth. The spiritual leaders of the future will be forced to give more attention to the needs of their followers; they will be called upon to help followers deal with a wide variety of problems, including solutions to their financial stresses and difficulties, and also personal problems in a time when relationships are often easily fleeting. Today’s spiritual followers demand assistance with the problems of their present, and less attention to the dead past, and the yet unborn future. Additionally, spiritual followers today need leaders who can fit our expanding minds and scientifically proven facts into perspective harmony with the teachings of the given doctrine. Note, however, that spiritual leadership is not only restricted to religion; citizens of the world today are looking for leadership of spirit with and without a belief in God or a Supreme being—they are looking for leadership to soothe the soul as well.

Fifth. As always, the professions of law, medicine, and education enjoy an ever-present need for new, talented leadership; leadership that is well versed in modern life and times and people who can lead to solve the emerging trials of a new era. In education especially, this includes educators who can find ways and means of teaching people how to apply the knowledge they receive in school. Leaders who can deal more with practice and less with theory.

Sixth. New leaders are also needed in the field of writing and the media. The public is losing faith in the media industry, finding it harder and harder to trust the sources that are in theory supposed to be unbiased. The focus of the media has shifted so far towards sensational reporting and celebrity profiling that many consumers find little information of use in even the best media resources. In addition, the internet and the ‘new’ web world have added another dimension to this field, a dimension that is only growing and expanding as an online presence continues to become a necessity for all who hope to succeed in the new business world.

These are just a few of the fields in which opportunities for new leaders and a new brand of leadership are now available. The world is undergoing rapid change again. This means that the media through which the changes in human habits are promoted must be adapted to the changes. The media described here are the ones which, more than any others, determine the trend of civilization.

Leaders Wanted

I hope this list has inspired you to either partake of some of these burgeoning opportunities or find one of your own that is more suited. Do feel free to share in the comments below, and be sure to come back on Friday when we’ll talk about the right time and approach to pursuing new leadership opportunities.

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  1. Wow, that touched a chord.

  2. Hi Sean, Spot on concerning the spiritual leaders and a need for them to address today’s needs. They have power to influence but, appear reluctant to exercise it. Instead is sometimes wasted on issues from the past as described here from Napoleon Hills teachings. I hope I am around to see the day when old leaders are forced to be accountable by addressing community needs or sequester to a new generation of leaders.

  3. Did Napoleon Hill write that list? Amazing. I felt like he wrote that directly to me in 2010.
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..How to make comments online and build your online persona =-.

  4. Good to see that more leaders are needed. i never trust what a newspaper print, because at the end of the day they are after the highest sales so to their end they will print what they think will sell the most papers. If I do look for news its usually on yahoo7!!! Interesting to see that their are skills lacking in certain areas of different fields of work. Lets us know that there are many opportunities for a wider search to find what suits your own strengths the most.
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Its Meant To Be =-.

  5. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    This is a really interesting list. I think Napoleon Hill was right on the money. Still, I think some of the areas will always be lacking in good leaders because of a general reluctance in people to put themselves out there.

  6. It’s a fascinating list, still absolutely current and spot on. Only the tools available seem to have changed a bit.
    On a certain level we all can be leaders – see what Sean is doing in regards to educating us towards wealth creation.
    I strive to be a positive role model in the areas I am active and I will take a regular look at Hills list of leadership qualities and mistakes to make sure I am doing the right thing by everybody.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Motivational Music =-.

  7. The fourth and sixth points are what gets me. 4th because of what reactions you get these days when you mention religion. I won’t get too far into it but I’ll tell you that I grew up with a minister as my father, or my father as a minister, sometimes the line was too thin to know which. Being forced to go to church every Sunday turned me away from organized religion but I have finding so much more through that experience and myself now than church could have ever taught me. I’m spiritual even though I don’t follow a religion or go to church but for that so many of my family is discouraged.

    6th – Media is all about getting the horrible stories out first instead of the truth or a story about something wonderful. I used to subscribe to my local paper and then realized how much I was missing out on because I thought the newspaper was reporting on all major events in the city. I guess I was naive to think that someday I could pick up a newspaper and read about things to celebrate instead of things to mourn over.
    .-= Sarah Butland´s last blog ..I Am Attracting You and Your Vote Via Law Of Attraction =-.

  8. Hi Sean

    ‘More Opportunities For Skilled Leaders’ I would like to apply for that job. My focus is on becoming a leader in teaching people to become healthy, grow a positive mindset, learn how to be wealthy, live the lifestyle they want and to be more philanthropic because they will have the time, energy resources and wealth to.

    We are all born equal yet we are not all raised equal. So many people are born into poverty, not by choice but by circumstances. Creating poverty is the worst crime in the world and I would like to address that in my own way by taking a stand and educating those who don’t know that they can be wealthy. I can’t help the whole world but I can help one person at a time who can then help another and so on.

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