Mindset Mastery 130 – A Practice In Imagination

Probably the best thing about Napoleon Hill‘s book is the amount of illustration and exemplification he puts into it. He doesn’t just tell us “this is the way it is,” he goes on at every point to ensure that we have a firm understanding of the concept through stories, examples, and more. Here is where he exemplifies the use of the imagination and creative faculties.

How To Make Practical Use Of Imagination

Ideas are the very beginning points of all fortunes. Ideas are products of the imagination. Let’s examine a few well known ideas which have yielded huge fortunes, with the hope that these illustrations will convey definite information concerning the method by which imagination can be used in accumulating wealth.

The Enchanted Kettle

Many years ago, an old country doctor drove to town, hitched his horse, quietly slipped into a drug store by the back door, and began “dickering” with the young drug clerk.

His mission was destined to yield great wealth to many people. It was destined to bring to the American South the most far-flung benefit since the Civil War.

For more than an hour, behind the prescription counter, the old doctor and the clerk talked in low tones. Then the doctor left. He went out to the buggy and brought back a large, old fashioned kettle, a big wooden paddle (used for stirring the contents of the kettle), and deposited them in the back of the store.

The clerk inspected the kettle, reached into his inside pocket, took out a roll of bills, and handed it over to the doctor. The roll contained exactly $500.00–the clerk’s entire savings!

The doctor handed over a small slip of paper; written on it was a secret formula. The words on that small slip of paper were worth a King’s ransom! But not to the doctor! Those magic words were needed to start the kettle to boiling, but neither the doctor nor the young clerk knew what fabulous fortunes were destined to flow from that kettle.

The old doctor was glad to sell the outfit for five hundred dollars. The money would pay off his debts, and give him freedom of mind. The clerk was taking a big chance by staking his entire life’s savings on a mere scrap of paper and an old kettle! He never dreamed his investment would start a kettle to overflowing with gold that would surpass the miraculous performance of Aladdin’s lamp.

Recognizing Possibility

The story will go on, but let’s stop and think about this for a minute. Here we have a seemingly useless kettle for one learned man, that another is willing to stake his life savings on. What possibly could be the difference between the two? Could it be the fact that the store clerk is more attuned to possibility and can see more in the kettle than what the doctor was able to see? There is more to learn from this encounter, so be sure to come back next time.

Sean Rasmussen
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  1. The magic of the old kettle, overflowing with imagination. What could it be?

  2. Whatever it is, I bet Warren Buffet is happy about it 🙂
    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Taking the leap to work for yourself =-.

  3. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    It’s Coca-Cola in the kettle, right? Essentially, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

    Maybe the clerk had been looking for his one idea to create wealth and when the doctor came along with his magic kettle; he sensed that this was the answer he had been looking for. At least I like to think that the clerk had been actively seeking a way to create financial success and so, had drawn the doctor to him. 🙂

  4. Ah – suspense again 🙂
    There must have been something which clicked with the clerk. And probably he looked at the kettle through a different pair of “lenses” and could see opportunities the doctor couldn’t. At least I hope so 😉 I am just wandering – what would be my magic kettle for which I would give all my savings???
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind =-.

    • Jazz Salinger says:

      Hi Renee,

      Do you think we would sense it in the same way we just knew our partners were the ones for us? Or, do you think we can make our own kettle through many different ideas? I think we can make our own kettles over and over again, as many times as we like.

  5. Hello Sean,

    I wonder what the Doctor thought about the clerk paying his life savings for one formula that carried so far and so wide that the Clerk became successful? Wonder if the Doctor kicked himself afterwards for not thinking wide enough, big enough to hold onto the formula!!! Another great saying is “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.
    Congratulations to both men….one paid for “The Secret Kettle” and the other paid of his debts to give him peace of mind. At the time both parties were satisfied. I have to wonder if the Doctor was wondering “What If”…..
    .-= Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Listening To My Boys Needs =-.

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